• Artifacts For enthusiasts of the truly authentic, we feature a large selection of Asian items spanning numerous styles and uses.
  • Treasure Boxes Keep your treasures and mementos safe and neatly arranged in style. Decorated in exuberant red, these unqiue treasure boxes make an interesting statement wherever they are placed.
  • Vintage Straw Coat Imported from China, an item as simple as a farmer’s straw coat beautifully blends aspects of art as well as everyday life.
  • Brass Lantern
  • Cedar Wood Art Intricate and delicate are qualities that exemplify the skill and craftwork that go into the creation of hand carved wall art.
  • Palace Floor Lantern
  • Painting and History
  • Playful Tang Horses Hand made sculpture reminisces tradition while also maintaining modern aesthetic appeal.
  • Tibetan Cabinet Embrace vibrant and colorful characteristics with our Tibetan style cabinets. The artwork featured on chests such as this display the liveliness of Tibetan art.
  • Dragon Boat Lamp
  • Hand Sculpted Foo Dogs Always standing in pairs, Foo Dogs are fantasy lions in Chinese mythology who serve as guardians to prevent harmful things from happening to the family. This handsome pair, like many others in our inventory, are standing in commanding posture.
  • Western Meets Eastern Oil painting such as this show classical western technique being employed to reproduce authentic eastern subject matter. The theme of femininity is common subject matter linking the portrayal of beauty in both eastern and western worlds.
  • Celadon Lamp
  • Chinoiserie Jewelry Boxes In China, the jewelry chest is one of the most important decorative objects on a woman's dresser. Comprising many different compartments and delicate hand paiting, our jewelry boxes are sure to be a focal point of any dresser.
  • Sculptural Lamps
  • Storage and Style Chests such as this house your treasures in style with elegant accentuating features like chinoiserie motifs.
  • Imagery and Atmosphere
  • Chinese Character Wall Plaques
  • Terracotta Soldiers
  • Painting and History Exhibiting impessionist qualities, works of art such as this reminisce cross cultural infuences and exchanges between east and west.
  • Cherry Blossom Bonsai Our inventory contains a great selection of gift items and other collectibles spanning all types and price ranges. Items like this glass banzai tree make great gifts for that special someone.
  • Gold Leaf Splendor From exquisite wall plaques to floor screens and furniture, gold leaf adds a shine and exuberance that is unmatched.
  • Chinese Calligraphy Character Wall Plaques
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Monday-Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sunday: 12pm-5pm

China Furniture has a large selection of porcelain jade and cloisonne artifacts, as well as woodcarvings, statues, silk fans and silk embroideries.
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